IKEA Hacks That Will Transform Your Home

IKEA are known famously for many of their products, but one that you can find in the majority of homes is Hermnes furniture. Available in different styles and price ranges, this collection offer cheap affordable storage and keeps things simple with classic designs that offer a modern twist.

Looking for something cheap but fashionable?

Why not transform some of IKEA’s simple items by painting them with gloss and changing the handles. This can bring any Hermnes product to life in a matter of hours.  Even better, this handy design hack can be completed on a tiny shoestring budget. Repeat this on all units within the room and ta-dah you have a unique set of furniture no one else in the world has, and it cost you very little. Be design savvy and do your research, there’s a huge selection of IKEA hacks to pick and choose from online.  Alternatively you can try searching for expensive furniture designs that you like and figure out how to recreate the same concept for less.

Wallpaper is key!

Try facing your furniture with a mural or wallpaper – this can be extremely effective and always be removed again.  Try it on the table surface and add a glass topper for full effect. You can also add wallpaper/wrapping paper inside the drawer space to add some personality.  Adding gold strips in-between the drawers can add definition to your accented silver or gold concept.

Other ideas work well, such as taking a simple plastic chair, spray painting the metal legs gold, and covering the plastic seat with a fluffy rug or fluffy fabric and you will be left with an Instagram worthy vanity chair. Making small changes such as changing colour, texture or adding to an item can really make a difference.

Take Inspiration from IKEA

IKEA has lots of inspirational rooms in-store set up for you to explore.  Make sure to take inspiration from this as many of IKEA’s items can be used for multi-purpose, such as chest of drawers with a shelf connecting them back create a desk with storage.

You can create a bed base by using different storage items on offer and some bed slates, creating a unique item you can take apart and use for something else someday. The famous Kallax cube unit can be used to create an island within your kitchen, by connecting a few together and adding a work surface unit finishes it off. Add wheels to the bottom of this with breaks and this will make it transportable around your home and may be useful.



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