The best kitchen island upgrades that will change everything!

Looking to make a kitchen update this Spring?  Today we’re looking at some of the best kitchen island upgrades on the market.  You can thank us later…

Create an entertaining station in your kitchen

Looking for a champagne cooler?  Check.  Need a garnish holder for your cocktail needs?  Check.  Plus, you will easily be able to cover up this instant bar with a handy chopping board.  This kitchen island upgrade is ideal if your home is the go-to entertaining space in your group.

Add a second tier to make your island work even harder!

A double-tiered kitchen island is a fantastic idea if you are keen to add additional space in the heart of your home.  If you have a big family and need extra eating space, this is a great, cost-effective option that will make your kitchen island the main focal point in your kitchen.

For the sweet lover in your life…

If you suffer from a major sweet tooth, then this could be a great kitchen island upgrade.  Why not install drawers dedicated for different kinds of sugary treats.  This may be a little dangerous but is a great way to add personality to your kitchen.

Add a pop of colour

Navy blue is set to be big for kitchen design in 2019, so why not add a pop of this bold and dramatic colour to your kitchen island?  Adding a touch of blue is a great way to create depth and draw the eye to the middle of your kitchen.  You can also opt for an extra-large island so it can double as a buffet space when needed.

Ever thought about a cookbook shelf?

If you’re a budding chef and have an extensive cookbook collection, then this could be the perfect way to show off your favourite cookbooks!  This will easily make the most of a space sucker in your island.  Adding storage for all your mealtime inspiration will easily make your island work twice as hard.

Install an amazing pots and pan rack

Adding a pan rack above your kitchen island will provide bonus storage and help to create a beautiful focal point that guests are bound to fall in love with!  It also gives you a reason to splash out on some fantastic new pots and pans to display.

The perfect addition for bakers

A warming drawer is the perfect option for any avid bakers.  This will let you warm your Saturday morning croissants to perfection.  This hidden drawer makes use of space that is typically wasted, making it a great hack for anyone looking to maximise space in their kitchen.

How will you upgrade your kitchen island?  Hopefully these ideas give you some much-needed inspiration to make your island work twice as hard!









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