The Hottest Interior Design Trends for 2019!

The Hottest Interior Design Trends for 2019!

Get ready for some serious design inspiration!  Today we’re looking at the top inspiring interior design trends that will easily transform your home in 2019!

Get ready to sing a rainbow!

If you’re the kind of person who spend time lusting after swoon worthy interiors on Pinterest (hello, everyone), you will know that the always-influential Pantone has released two colour palettes that everyone will no doubt be craving.  The first palette “cravings’ is inspired by all things food and offers rich purples, flamingo oranges, vibrant reds, all of which are held down at the neutral end of the colour spectrum by rich and inviting browns.

The second palette ‘Classico’ is a collection of everlasting colours that include warm apricots, rich golds, cool greys and a pop of teal.  You should definitely think about incorporating these colour palettes into any design projects in 2019.

Is Art Deco set to become the new mid-century modern?

With mid-century now a staple in any design-lover’s heart, the hunt is now on for the ‘next big thing.’  With more and more people incorporating Art Deco into their home décor, we think this trend has spent enough time waiting in the wings and will take on a leading role in 2019.  What’s not to love about a touch of glamour?

Matt black is the new grey for 2019

We can all agree that nothing helps to create a sense of drama quite like black.  With Instagram feeds filled to the brim with bold, high-contrast colour schemes and designs, it’s no wonder matt black is having its moment in the sun.  Home décor objects, as well as seating and lighting are all key pieces where this new trend can be introduced into your home.  This one is set to stay, so you should definitely think about adding touched of matt black to your home décor as soon as possible.

Minimalism and clean lines

As minimalism continues to blaze a new, clutter-free path within design circles, demand is growing for clean lines and a new sense of openness throughout the home.  This will be most evident in the kitchen, thanks to the popular ‘no upper cabinet’ trend.  With this trend it’s important to remember less really is more here.  If the idea of less storage space leaves you feeling (extremely) panicked, a popular option is to include an armoire. This will offer hidden space, making this a future-proof design option.

Natural fabrics and the rise of sustainability

It’s obvious that both natural and sustainable fabrics are a key trend within home décor for 2019.  You will easily spot it amongst throws, upholstered furniture and cushions.  This movement towards a more natural fabric choice speaks to the broader conversation surrounding design and sustainability.  The good news is that this new focus on natural fabrics will work across many different design looks and styles, making it extremely easy to incorporate into your home.

Bar carts are here to stay

Bar carts were one of the hottest trends for 2018 and they are definitely here to stay.  What’s not to love about a polished bar cart?  Nothing screams Art Deco glamour quite like a bar cart.  If you’re big on entertaining and enjoy mixing the perfect Old Fashioned, a bar cart is the perfect addition to any party.  It also provides the perfect place to display luxe glassware and bottles.

Radiators are set to get some much-needed TLC

While cast-iron radiators have been around since the birth of the modern radiator, this well-loved design is set to make a comeback in 2019.  If you’re looking to add a rustic look to your overall home décor, opting to install cast-iron radiators is the perfect way to do this.  Plus, with online brands like Trade Radiators offering impressive trade prices, you’ll easily be able to incorporate this look into your home design ideas for 2019.

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