Redecorating your bathroom on a budget

Redecorating your bathroom on a budget

Decorating bathrooms can often be pricey.  But nowadays it is possible to get the look for less!  Here are some smart tips for savvy customers looking to update their bathroom décor on a budget.

Idea No. 1: A lick of paint solves everything!

It’s often amazing what a lick of paint can do to make a bathroom feel like new.  If you’re planning on painting either the ceiling or the walls, you will want to invest in both mould-proof primers and paint.  Whilst this can be a little more expensive than your basic paint formula, one coat often does the job.  This added cost provides built in protection for any moisture-prone bathrooms.  You can also cover any trims or scuffed cabinetry with a lick of paint, making them look like new.

That’s not all you can do – you can easily update timeworn fixtures with a new coat of paint.  By using the right product, you’ll easily be able to give any tiling a new look.  You will be surprised how much of a different refinishing a cast-iron tub will make!

Idea No. 2: Invest in shiny, new hardware

If you’re a little unfamiliar with the term ‘hardware’, this basically refers to things like towel bars, cabinet knobs, toilet flush handles and taps.  It’s important to devote a portion of your redecorating budget on upgrading these.  New hardware can add a sense of shine and sparkle to any dull, tired bathroom space.  Why not upgrade the look and feel of these pieces by adding style and personality?  The same way the right earrings can make an outfit, these little finishing touches can help elevate a bathroom space.


Idea No. 3: White is always an option

To help curb expenses in any bathroom renovation, you should avoid rainbow overkill and stick to the clouds instead.  Sticking to basic white fixtures, such as toilets, sinks and hat all important tub are easy to live with and won’t cost the earth.  You can often save a bundle by choosing white tiling for a backsplash as well.  To liven up a white space, make sure to add brightly coloured accents.  You may be surprised what bright towels can add to space!

Idea No. 4: Invest in Great Lighting

One of the easiest ways to create a rich atmosphere in your bathroom is to switch up the lighting options.  Replacing harsh lighting with sleek sconces will be an immediate update and will add a touch of elegance to your bathroom.

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